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World geometry

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Begin description:

Change the initial geometry of the world to be either a plane, a torus, a horizontal or vertical cylinder, or a plane with a camera

that follows the average position of all individuals. End description

World geometry
Begin NetLogo code:
substitute-text-area-for type-of-geometry 1
set-world-geometry type-of-geometry
End NetLogo code


set-world-geometry expects one number which can have any of the following values:

  1. Torus (wraps horizontally and vertically)
  2. Vertical cylinder (wraps horizontally)
  3. Horizontal cylinder (wraps vertically)
  4. A plane (no wrapping -- objects become invisible if beyond the limits of the world)
  5. A plane with a camera that follows the average position of all individuals
More information can be found about the first four modes in the NetLogo documentation about topology.

How this works

Due to current limitations of NetLogo this specifies only the initial geometry of the world and cannot be used to change the world's geometry during execution.

Related micro-behaviours

World size sets the dimensions of the world. World location defines where the world is positioned. Patch size sets the size of each patch.


World geometry was implemented by Ken Kahn.

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