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David Taylor LTG Work Experience 

 When I arrived at the LTG room this morning I was asked to look into the Modelling4All website to learn about what agent based modelling and what the Behaviour Composer is. I watched the YouTube videos provided and read the “about” page to get an understanding of what Modelling4All is. After watching these I experimented with the behaviour composer and followed some of the tutorials that were provided such as the wolf/sheep ecosystem model. I thought these tutorials were well laid out and helpful however as a first time user I found that some of the simple steps were missed out such as how to find a micro behaviour’s URL to use in a button for example.

In the afternoon I looked into some of the pre-existing models on the NetLogo program, such as the Earth Science Climate Change model and some of the Mathematics Fractal models. I then commenced work on my own model, an application that let you draw shapes by adjusting the distance the turtle moved and the angle at which it rotated using sliders. I encountered a few problems setting up sliders but eventually overcame them such as typing mistakes in attribute names and coordinates.